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Yesterday I took a personal holiday.  No, thats really what it’s called.  Every week in Orientation I talk about them, might as well use one.  I dubbed this holiday: Myday Friday.  This included grocery shopping, getting a mani/pedi and watching a movie that would undoubtedly make me feel better about myself.


Went to Harris Teeter. They keep sending us coupons and I’m a sucker for a coupon.  Cat food was $4 off so I got two bags.  Egg noodles were buy one, get one free. Yep, I’m also a sucker for buy one, get one free.  I’ve always said I am one of the most easily upsold people in the world.  Salespeople love me for this exact reason.

Example conversation in the real world with an average salesperson:

Salesperson: “This is brand new. The best of its kind. Optimal results.”

Me: “How much is it?”

Salesperson: “Its ____(insert exorbitant amount)”

Me: “Okay. You’re the professional.”

Salesperson: (In head: Cha Ching $$)

After Harris Teeter, I returned home to put away groceries.  Very necessary when you have two things of Breyer’s ice cream (buy one, get one free) and then I headed off to Solace day spa.

Thoughts during the two hours I was at the spa:

One… Solace is a very nice day spa.

Two…They give you free wine. Big plus, as is the multitude of warm towels they use. They must do a lot of laundry.

Three…While I went in with a gift card, the guy upsold the crap out of me and I upgraded to a reflexology pedicure.  Stupid idea.

Four…I got OPI Soho Nice to Meet You on my toes.  I think thats the color Brynn loved but they discontinued. The fact that this place had it made me happy.

Five…I got a semi lilac metallic color on my nails.  Thought it would be darker. It kind of reminds me of a shade of lipstick from 1997.  I feel a little bit like a 90s throwback and not in a good way.

Two hours and mutliple thoughts later, I came home and tried very hard not to mess up my hooker nails.  Unfortunately, I was successful.

Got Precious from Netflix.  Wasn’t really interested in seeing it but with all the Oscar fuss and my love of all things pop culture, I figured that I would give it a shot.  Overall impression: I guess it was good.


1. The actress who plays Precious just makes the same face the whole time.  I guess her life was pretty hard but come on, it wouldn’t hurt you to try a different expression.

2. The full name of the title character is Clarice Precious Jones.  No one in the world should be named Clarice after the Silence of the Lambs.  I really don’t know if this is a real life story (shocking, I should know that) but I would have changed her name.  I guess it takes place in the late 80’s so Silence of the Lambs wouldn’t have come out yet, but still.

3. I guess Mo’Nique is a good actress but how hard is it to just be all mad and curse and throw stuff?  And, she had super hairy armpits but from the news stories, it seems like thats just how she lives her life. Gross!

4. Her mom was a total b to Precious, but at least she was nice to the cats that lived with them.

5. Leni Kravitz is a male nurse? Huh?

6. Mariah Carey is a social worker? And not completely horrible? Double huh?

7. I’m glad Precious made friends with the kids in her class and that Robin Thicke’s lesbian wife was nice to her.

Okay, There we go. I’m done.


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